Who We Are?

Our Mission

We are living in unprecedented times on a global scale, from the number of people who work abroad to the number of migrants, refugees to the greater levels of income inequality. This has left unprecedented scare on our social life. 

 We are reaching record high numbers in divorce, number of people who are described as spinsters (Males and Females) and many other alarming social numbers. 

Our mission is to provide group of technological, social and cultural enables to make our lives better.  

Our Solution

We decided to look at our social problems in more details and understand the nature of life that we are living and whether this kind of life is a result of our personal choices or we are living in this life because of social and cultural norms. Or even economical hardships. 

Hearts links is a new platform that aims at providing a range of enables to foster human connection in times of global mobility, greater income inequality and cultural challenges.